ODEUS s is a Laptop Orchestra conducted by Francisco Javier Torres following the format of groups from universities like Princeton and Stanford, opting to use monitoring speakers individually by musician, presenting a staging similar to that of an acoustics orchestras.

The premiere of the orchestra was at the CICUS Auditorium in the festival UBICUA12.


concierto odeus

The musicians of ODEUS are:

Raúl Alvarez García, José Barrera Martínez, Alberto Carretero, Clara de Asís G. Gallardo, Benjamín Jiménez Rodríguez, Alejandro Maestre Sánchez, Elena Moreno Martínez, José Manuel Núñez Caro, Jesús Osuna Rodríguez, F. José Palomino Rayo, Fernando Pompa Pérez y Alvaro Jesus Osuna Martín.

It´s appreciated the cooperation in the ODEUS project of Seville FabLab and especially to a technician, Jose Sanchez Buzón, without which there would have been possible prototyping of sondballs.

















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